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Pay Your Bills

Here you can find the insurance company with your policy and pay your bills online. Click on the name of your insurance company to open a new window with their online payment options.

Some insurance companies do not offer the option to pay online, so here is a list of our insurance companies and their payment information:

Accident Fund                                                            Harleysville
517-342-4200                                                            800-338-8301
Pay by phone, checking or savings                       No checks by phone, credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover)
No credit cards                                                          and under $2500. Call toll free 1-866-665-4992                                     

Auto Owners                                                              Progressive
800-445-4185                                                           800-876-5581
Check by phone, credit cards on                           Check by phone, credit cards, and online.
personal lines ONLY, and online.
                                                                                     State Auto
Encompass                                                               800-444-9950 X5118
800-262-9262                                                           Check by phone, credit cards, and online.
Check by phone and online. NO credit cards.
Foremost                                                                    800-347-7930
800-527-3905                                                           Credit cards only, NO check by phone.
Check by phone, credit cards, and online.

800-234-1133 X2214
Pay by phone, checking or savings accounts
with routing numbers, credit cards, and